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Asunto:[RedLuz] Global Meditations Network / April activities
Fecha: 4 de Abril, 2006  16:34:51 (+0200)
Autor:Ricardo G Ocampo <redanahuak>

Hello from my heart, everyone, this is Barbara Wolf.
Global Meditations Network.

Here are April events listed on the calendar page,

Mar. 29-Apr. 16, Spiritual Journey to BALI and JAVA, with
Lilliana Corredor, Ph.D., Director, Global Water Healing Program.
Tel./Fax: +61 -2 -66 854 324.
Mar. 31-Apr. 2, North Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS, Sea Crest Resort,
350 Quaker Road. Workshops: Gregg Braden speaks on The Divine
Matrix, Apr. 1, 7-10 pm, and Apr. 2, 9 am- 5 pm. Jonathan Goldman
speaks on Sounding The Divine Name: Resonating with the God Code,
Apr. 2, 9 am-1 pm. Contact: jonathangoldman@...,
info@...; Tel: 888-241-2443.
Apr. 2006, NORTHERN INDIA Retreat with Paula Muran, Medical
Intuitive/Empath, Master Teacher and Channel to Sanatkumara
(Hindu Deity, Ancient of Days). Spend two healing weeks and
visit Varansi, Allahabad, Agra, Delhi and more.
Contact: paulamuran@...; Tel: 860-231-0023.
Apr. 1-2, 9 am-4pm, Sananda, Rectortown, NORTH. VIRGINIA.
Regular Quantum-Touch workshops. Simple and profound
hands-on healing. Using the Life Force, body Intelligence,
specific breathing ratios and our intent, we bring the focus of
our attention into resonance and entrainment with our Love.
Contact: Sananjaleen June Hughes, sananda@...,
Tel: 540-364-1282
Apr. 2-4, ATLANTA, Georgia. Healer Joao de Deus, John of God,
the Brazilian miracle man, is coming to Atlanta.
Contact: Tel: 1-888-JOG-2006; 404-235-0735.
Apr. 6-8, Sandy, UTAH, The Miller Campus of the Salt Lake
Community College, 9750 South 300 West. Creating Sacred
Space workshop with Christan Hummel. Learn to make your
home your sanctuary! Discover a direct communication with
the land so you can bring any property into harmony and
balance. Prerequisite: Having read the Do It Yourself Space
Clearing Kit. See:
Contact: Christan Hummel, earthheal99@...
Apr.10-11, same location. Space Clearing Certification, with
Christan Hummel, For those wishing to become Space Clearing
Practitioners. All who love the Earth; learn how to become
conscious of that lost ancient relationship we have with the
Earth. Prerequisite: Level one, Living Heaven on Earth.
Contact Christan, email and URL above.
Apr. 7-9, HAWAII, Honolulu. Workshop: Signature Cell Healing
Level 2, with Kahu and Kirael. Contact: wethepeople@...;
Tel: 1-800-390-1886
Apr. 8, Near Murnau, GERMANY, Iffeldorf, Seminarhaus Seerosen.
Building the Light Body: Deeper level studies in alchemical practice,
with esoteric exercises, via sacred sound transmissions.
Contact: Zacciah Blackburn, The Center of Light, Ascutney,
Vermont, USA., sri@...; Tel: 802.674.9585.
Apr. 8-9, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA, Montana Farm, Philadelphia.
TOUCH, an introductory weekend to awareness healing energy, touch,
and empowerment of yourself and others, with Brigette Hass.
Contact: bj@... ; Tel: +27 72 93093 23.
AND INTEGRAL MEDICINE. Contact:    r  registro@...;
Tel: 01 (55) 55-74-90-64,
55-84-17-63, 55-84-19-10 and 55-74-90-65. Cumbre Mundial de
Salud y Medicina Integral, S.A. de C.V. Quintana Roo #24-B,
Col. Roma Sur C.P. 06760 México D.F.
Apr. 8-15, Pearce, ARIZONA, Sunglow Ranch, 14066 South Sunglow
Road. Macro Magic in The Desert: A Macrobiotic Health and
Wellness Retreat hosted by Judy and Larry MacKenney.
Contact: sunglow@...; Tel. Toll Free: 1.866.786.4569;
More information on
Tel: 941-488-9509.
Apr. 13, 9:40 am PDT; 16:40 UT. FULL MOON GLOBAL
MEDITATION, the first of the 3 Major Planetary Festivals;
the second is Wesak, and the third is the Festival of Humanity
or Goodwill aka World Invocation Day.
Contact: souledout@...
Apr. 18-20, Sedona, ARIZONA Infinite Light Healing Center.
Workshop, Creating Sacred Space: Living Heaven on Earth,
with Christan Hummel. Learn to make your home your
sanctuary! Discover a direct communication with the land
so you can bring any property into harmony and balance.
Prerequisite: having read the Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit.
Contact: Christan Hummel, earthheal99@...
Apr. 21-23, TORONTO, Canada, Metro Toronto Convention
Centre. Hay House "I Can Do It" Conference with 24 best-selling
authors and speakers including, Crystal Andrus, Baron Baptiste,
Colette Baron-Reid, Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D., Gregg Braden,
Sylvia Browne, Don Campbell, Sonia Choquette,
Dr. Wayne W Dyer, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Ellen Goldhar,
John Holland, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Loretta LaRoche,
Denise Linn, Neena & Veena, Candace Pert, Gary R. Renard,
Cheryl Richardson, Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., Robin Sharma,
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., Eve A. Wood, M.D.
Contact: Brigitte, Starlight Events,
Apr. 21-25, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS, Mt. Sequoyah Retreat
Center. Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention. Exploring
The Power of The Focused Mind, sponsored by the Ozark
Research Institute. Contact: ori@...; Tel: 479-582-9197
Apr. 21-26, Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO. Eighth International
Conference on Science and Consciousness: Exploring
Consciousness Itself. Jonathan Goldman will be a presenter
 whose material includes Cymatics, Bio-Resonance,
Sonic Entrainment, Intention, Sacred Sound and Toning.
Contact: info@...
Also contact: message@...; Tel: 505-474-0998 or
Apr.22, 7-9 pm, Tucson, ARIZONA. Tucson Creative Living Center
presents drummer Brian Banks. Contact: Joan Vann,
joanv8@...; Tel: 520-409-8439.
Apr. 22-24, Portland, OREGON. Mind Body Spirit Expo.
Kahu Fred Sterling lectures on Apr. 22, Saturday, 3-5 pm.
Contact: Karinna Nielsen, knielsen@...
Apr. 22-29, In The Footsteps of Mary Magdalene, A Retreat
in Provence, FRANCE, with Denise Lurton-Moulle and
Darla Christiansen Engelmann.
Contact: denise.moulle@...; Tel: 510-848-8741
(Berkeley, California), or, darlae@...;
 Tel: 510-233-1010 (Richmond, California.
Apr. 23, VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia, Doubletree Hotel,
1900 Pavilion Drive. FREE SEMINAR. Create The Life
You Want Now!, presented by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles.
Contact: Eraofpeace@...; Tel: Toreefree 1-888-310-4488;
or, 520-885-7909.
Apr. 25-27 Eureka Springs, ARKANSAS. CIRCLE OF LIGHT
workshop on Opening the Heart and Drawing the SoulMate.
Information on under Workshops.
Contact, connect@...; Tel: 866-629-9894.
Apr. 26-May 7, ENGLAND. 12-day pilgrimage of sacred sounds,
sacred sites, sacred journeys along the Michael and Mary
ley lines to explore the Divine Feminine and Masculine
energies within humanity, the Earth, the Cosmos.
Conatct: Zacciah Blackburn, The Center of Light, Ascutney,
Vermont, USA., sri@...; Tel: 802.674.9585
Apr. 27, 12:45 pm - 2 pm, Geneseo, NEW YORK STATE,
State University New York. Concert for All Campus Hour
with international peace catalyst, singer/songwriter
Carole Isis. Contact: Patty Fennell, mfennell@...;
Tel: 585-243 1486.
Also performing on Apr. 28, 7:30 pm, and May 2, 7-9 pm,
Sweet Briar, 5126 Geneseo Mount Morris Road.
Contact: Angela Caplan, Tel: 585-245-9886.
Apr. 30, 2 pm, Charlton B&B, 319 E, Main St., Avon,
New York State. Contact: Pat Tuchrello, Tel: 585-226-3782.
Apr. 28-30, Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA. Association for
Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), Edgar Cayce
Headquarters, 215 67th Street. Spiritual Breakthrough
Retreat: Inspirtation, Transformation, with John Van
Auken. Experiencing specific tools toward enlightment.
Contact: are@...; Tel: 757-428-3588.
Apr. 28-30, SAN FRANCISCO, California, The Concourse
on 8th & Brannan Streets, New Living Expo.
Kahu Fred Sterling speaks Apr. 28, 7 pm.
Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


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