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Asunto:[RedLuz] 4 day Emotional Purification Retreat
Fecha:Lunes, 5 de Junio, 2006  09:34:38 (-0500)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <redluz>

From: Maggie Erotokritou <surya@...> 
Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2006 15:15:37 +0300 
Subject: 4 day Emotional Purification Retreat 
4 Day Emotional Purification Retreat 
Nissi Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa, Cyprus 
November 9 -12th 2006 (inclusive) 
Each of us has within us certain emotional patterns or threads that can 
prevent us from moving forward in our lives or that interfere with creating 
and manifesting the work, relationship or life that we truly desire. These 
threads of discontent are interconnected and may weave an unsupportive 
tapestry that can become knotted, tight and restrictive. Emotional discord 
in whatever form is one of the root causes of most diseases and imbalances. 
Through releasing emotional discord, we can return to our natural state of 
being and experience a greater sense of freedom and empowerment. This is the 
work of the Divine Feminine that encourages us to free ourselves and to 
trust, experience and live from our sacred sense of self, rather than being 
limited by the emotional threads that bind us. 
Through understanding the process of Emotional Purification, and letting go 
of whatever has been holding you back, you can experience deep healing, 
which can lead to a breakthrough to the next level of your spiritual 
advancement and evolvement.  Stress, strain, struggle and deep fatigue 
affect every level of your being, whereas a spiritual retreat such as 
Emotional Purification offers an opportunity to revitalize and to gain new 
insights that can point you in a new direction or broaden your present 
Most people have experienced grief, sadness, loss, trauma, illness or shock 
at some period in their lives or in the lives of those around them; this is 
registered in the bodymind complex and may create anger, resentment, fear or 
feelings of loneliness or isolation. All of this needs to be cleared and 
released in order to move into a pure space of being. 
The way of the Divine Feminine is gentle, supportive, nurturing and healing 
and will bring you into a deeper alignment with the sacredness within. And 
yet the energy of the Divine Feminine should not be underestimated, it is 
dynamic, incredibly powerful and has the vision and perception to cut 
through all illusions. 
Through resting and relaxing deeply into the stillness and the silence, 
using expanded bodymind awareness, and the healing power of the breath and 
sound, you can move into being and into the transcendental realms that lead 
to bliss consciousness. 
In this 4 day Emotional Purification Retreat, using meditation, deep 
relaxation, breathing, sound and movement, and putting the Seeds of 
Transformation into practice, you will shift your vibrational state into a 
more harmonious way of being and learn practices, which will enable you to 
continue your process of evolvement when you return home. 
This type of group consciousness work is always extremely powerful; together 
we can create an energy field that brings about very deep healing and a 
heightened awareness that will help you make the changes that you need to 
make in your life.  The retreat is open to both women and men, and is a 
prerequisite for the Inner Temple work of the Divine Feminine. 
The Emotional Purification Retreat, will take place on November 9th -12th 
2006 at the 4 star, Nissi Beach Resort in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. <>;   Nissi Beach 
Resort is located right on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, 
with beautiful gardens and although in summer it is a busy tourist resort, 
in November it is the end of the season and so it should be quiet and the 
ideal setting for our retreat. Although the retreat will be intense and we 
will be working all day, there will be short breaks so you can walk on the 
beach or walk early morning and evening and absorb the prana and powerful 
energy of Cyprus.  
Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite, where it is said she came out of the sea. 
Cyprus has a very purifying energy, which all the spiritual teachers and 
initiates who come here are impressed by. There is a lot of untapped 
feminine spiritual energy here, waiting to be released and absorbed. 
For more information on Cyprus check out 
<>;   or other sites on google. 
The cost of the retreat for the 4 days is 200 Cyprus pounds. Go to <>;  for currency conversion. 
The hotel has offered us a very good rate: 
Sea view 22 pounds 50 cents bed and breakfast per person plus 8 pounds 
evening meal. This is for 2 sharing. 
Garden view 17 pounds 50 cents b+b per person plus 8 pounds evening meal. 2 
Single sea view room 28 pounds 50 cents b+b per person plus dinner same. 
Single garden view room 23 pounds 50 cents b+b per  person plus dinner same. 
People from abroad will need to arrive on Nov 8th, or before, locals can 
either arrive the evening of Nov 8th or early Nov 9th and everyone needs to 
stay until late on Nov 12th. We will have an evening closing ceremony. So 
people from abroad will need to stay 5 nights minimum.  And of course you 
are welcome to arrive earlier or stay a few days longer if you wish. 
Please contact me first at Surya@... to make sure a place is 
still available, as places will be limited, before booking flights or the 
hotel.(don¹t press reply to this email, otherwise it goes to the automatic 
mailing system and gets deleted) 
70 pounds is needed as a non refundable deposit to secure your place for the 
retreat and the full amount needs to be paid one month before, latest 
October 9th. The hotel will also require a deposit. 
Love and light, Maggie 
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