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Asunto:[RedLuz] Fwd: [Maharishi_Mahesh_Yogi] Filmmaker David Lynch launches universities in Finland, Estonia, and Bulgaria to create national invincibility
Fecha:Martes, 6 de Noviembre, 2007  18:15:54 (-0600)
Autor:Proyecto Interredes <lacasadelared>

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From: michael florescu <>
Date: 06-nov-2007 17:16
Subject: [Maharishi_Mahesh_Yogi] Filmmaker David Lynch launches universities in Finland, Estonia, and Bulgaria to create national invincibility
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Datum: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 15:35:23 -0700
Von:  <>
Betreff:  David Lynch launches universities in Finland, Estonia, and Bulgaria to create national invincibility

Invincible Finland University
Finland contact: Dr Hannu Heikkilä +358 40 5423 423
Estonia contact: Dr Jaan Suurkula +372 688 2758
Bulgaria contact: Dr Donka Hodjeva +359 887 919780 or +359 2981 8553


Filmmaker David Lynch to launch new universities in
Finland, Estonia, and Bulgaria to create national invincibility

Flag-raising ceremonies to be held 5-9 November for
Invincible Finland University, Invincible Estonia University,
and Invincible Bulgaria University

''These unique universities will offer enlightenment to every student
and invincibility to the nation.''
-- David Lynch

Helsinki, 5 November 2007: -
This week, iconic filmmaker Dr David Lynch will launch new national universities in Finland, Estonia, and Bulgaria, which will provide Total Knowledge – full enlightenment – to every student and invincibility to national consciousness.
Dr Lynch will be joined by world-renowned quantum physicist, Dr John Hagelin, President of Maharishi Central University, USA, and Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace; and by foremost educator, Dr Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, USA.
Dr Lynch, Dr Hagelin, and Dr Morris will launch Invincible Finland University, Invincible Estonia University, and Invincible Bulgaria University with flag-raising ceremonies, press conferences, and public lectures. They will be accompanied by leading local scientists, educators, and business leaders.
The three-nation Invincible University launch follows similar inaugurations in the past month in Italy, Israel, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Belgium, France, and Denmark. Classes are scheduled to being in all of the new universities on 12 January 2008.
''There is very strong support in every country to establish these new universities where the students will gain enlightenment and radiate peace in the world on a permanent basis,'' Dr Lynch said.
According to Dr Hagelin, the programme of study at the new universities will include the traditional academic disciplines, with a few minutes added to each class to identify the source of the discipline in the Unified Field, as discovered in the most advanced findings of modern science. Students will utilise proven technologies of consciousness to gain direct subjective experience of the Unified Field.

''Extensive scientific research shows that this experience of the Unified Field leads to the development of total brain functioning, increased intelligence and creativity, better behaviour, and a marked improvement in the trends of life in society as a whole – ultimately creating a state of national invincibility where no negativity or conflicts can arise within the nation nor penetrate it from outside,'' Dr Hagelin said.
Dr Morris has already applied this Unified Field-based approach with great success at his own award-winning University – Maharishi University of Management – which was established 35 years ago in the USA and now has students from 60 countries.
''The value of this Total Knowledge-based approach to education cannot be overestimated, because the unfoldment of infinite creativity through Total Knowledge is the basis to fulfil all desires and realise all possibilities in daily life,'' Dr Morris said.
The goal of the Invincible Universities, Dr Lynch said, will be to promote the common good and raise every country to invincibility. ''An invincible nation will be prosperous, healthy, and problem-free, with a nourishing peace-creating role in the family of nations.''

In the past two years, the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace has provided millions of dollars in grants for in-school Transcendental Meditation programmes for tens of thousands of students in the USA, Latin America, and Africa. The wide-ranging benefits of the Transcendental Meditation programme for students and teachers have been documented by more than 600 scientific studies conducted over the past 40 years at 250 independent research institutions and universities in 33 countries.  

David Lynch's US best-seller, Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity, was published in January 2007.

UK press contact: 020 87894 9229
UK website:
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