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Asunto:[RedLuz] nternational Ceremony of The Lighting the New Fire, In connection with the Pleyades. World Wide this 19th of November at The Midnight
Fecha:Viernes, 9 de Noviembre, 2007  13:57:09 (-0600)
Autor:\(\(¯`·. Said .· ´¯\)\) <gerardo_said>

Si sientes el llamado, distribuye esta comunicación en Ingles en tus listas ¡¡¡
Juntos somos más fuertes,,,

 (Traducido por Mariani Mexia)
The ceremony will involve various groups of rescuing tradition, Cultural groups and civic organizations.

Why have chosen groups tradition since Mexihko Anahuak, retrieve this ceremony today and share it with the world?
By Gerardo Said
International Coordinator of the ceremony  / mail:  
Because the New Fire is the emblem of the deep identity of the people who gave root and foundation of our nations throughout the Americas. This ceremony is inspired by the eternal values and shared wisdom of the wise Anahuac and the Toltequidad Universal and is recreated, right at this important time of transition living humanity.
Today more than ever we need to create efficient tools to promote the thought of Oneness and Peace between the communities of
Mexico and the World. That is the main reason and mandate of grandparents share for the peoples of the world in a moment that requires integration between native peoples and reinforced by the civil society organizations. The traditions of the indigenous peoples who have been custodians of the symbols of wisdom and integration, as well as humanistic concepts naturalists who for centuries have shared with the nations also trained generations on the importance of the link resume transcendent with nature and the cosmos, while the return to the balance and the supreme harmony between our peoples and nations.
The moment of ignition of this New Fire, is convened at a time just astronomical with a universal value. Therefore, efficiently serve to strengthen this vision to be giving way to a single global family in touch with the Infinite. For this reason, we invite you to unify this ceremony and harmonic convergence among Native Peoples of America and around the World that sits so, and thereby strengthen this beautiful initiative so that together in a time of zero hour Monday 19 in the
Americas, we can join our face and heart in this light planetarium.
We invite you and all those who receive this initiative, to participate and unite everyone in this harmonic convergence between Peoples of the
In your country, you can participate with us. Just send us your information and the place to register for your country, city and organization.
Sincerely, Tlanesi Tonatiuh 

May your space is shining like the sun,
Said Gerardo Sandoval
International Coordinator of the ceremony / mail: zain@...

Motivated by finding out more about this event we gave us the task of locating the investigator Frank Diaz, a researcher at the Mesoamerican calendar in order to give us more details on exclusive interview Aztlan Web and Planet 2013.
Frank is the creator of Calpulli Kinam and Métdo Tolteka /
Interview by Gabriela Gomez Junco Planeta Indigo.
What is the festival of the new fire ?
The new fire was the most important calendaric ceremony conducted by the peoples of Ancient Mexico. It was an opportunity for all residents to come together, and it is probably the best symbol of the unity of Anahuac, because all peoples involved.
When is it celebrating?
It was celebrated every year when the pléyades reached the center of the sky at
midnight. This happens at present between 19 and 20 November.
What accounted for this ceremony?
It represented the rebirth of cosmic fire and the opening of a new cycle. It was also an opportunity for people to recapitulate their existence and make wishes for the future.
Why employed the Pleiades as a sign of this ceremony?
The Pleiades, like the rest of the stars, they have a movement of rotation apparent by the sky 26.000 years. So it was an excellent signal to guide our planet with respect to the center of the galaxy. By choosing  the Pleiades, the ancient Mexicans were symbolizing the alignment of human beings with the cosmos.
I heard that this ceremony was performed every 52 years… Is that true?
No. The alignment of the Pleiades happens every year, so that the ceremony was an annual basis. But every 52 years to a larger festival, because that was the time at which match the sacred year and the calendar year of the Mesoamerican.
How was the ceremony in ancient times?
Five days before the Pleiades pass through the center of the sky, the inhabitants turned off all fires and retreating to live in huts or tents branches. During that time they ate only raw vegetables, as a sign of purification and to maintain contact with nature.
Once the Pleiades amounted to the zenith, a very important woman in religion lit a big fire at the top of a building or Teocalli or sacred mountain, and the villagers came with teas wood to carry these fires for lighting  their laborers in their homes.
Why have chosen groups in the tradition of Mexico recover this ceremony today?
Because the New Fire Emblem is the deep identity of Mexicans based on the eternal values of
Anahuac and Toltequidad. At this moment, more than ever, Mexico needs symbols of integration. That is why we support this beautiful initiative.
And where will it be celebrated?
In different places. The most important ceremony will take place in the Olmec city of
Huehuetlapallan near Minatitlán, Veracruz, thanks to the initiative of Jesus, Defino and other cultural activists in the locality. The lighting of the new fire will be implemented by the journalist and writer Lolita Vargas, who on this occasion will act as Cihuacoatl or priestess Toltec. In D.F. Celebrating in the Cerro de la Estrella, which is the site where the ceremony took place during the time Mexica. From day 16, members of various groups of tradition will be camping at the foot of the hill, in order to comply with the ritual. Also take the time to hold the first session of the Second Biennial Meeting for the Reunification of schedule Anahuac.
In Teotihuakan guardians of tradition Olmec, Nahua and Tolteka will meet for this purpose like it was for more than 1, 450 years. Likewise, there will be ceremonies in Cuernavaca Morelos, in Xoxocotla Morelos, Reynosa Tamaulipas, Merida, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Oaxaca, Totonacapan Veracruz, Tijuana, Havana, Lima, Madrid and other cities.
In your country, you can participate with us, the place and send your information to your high country, city and organization.
Some final words?
I invite all those who wish to participate in this historic event. They can do this either by joining one of the groups created, either on their own behalf. You can also perform the ceremony in their own locality.

If you would like more information about it, you may want to write to Mr Said Gerardo Sandoval,
International Coordinator of the new Fire Ceremony at the address zain@...
Tel Cel 04455 5143 3140
Coodinadora National: Gaby Gómez-Junco T.
Gabygomezjunco@... &nbsA;

As part? As shape the sacred circle for the lighting?
By Gerard Said / Calli Mexihko Cultural Group

A. Notify your interest in unifying the lighting of your Fire to the Great Fire "Huei Huheteotl" sending an e mail to Gerardo Said: Name Coordianator  of groups participating site in which light and contact information for updating the list in the section will be open from today in

B. Calls organizations tradition and culture, to select the site, prepare a Mud, or pott, identify space and prepare their items for the ceremony and outfits.
C. Prepares food, services, and necessary elements of access points for the participants.
D. Distigue the center circle where you sill place  wood, a bit of oxidizer natural copal, and water, so it  is ready for everything to turn on by the Guardian of the Tradition of Place, the oldest person, or organization representative.
C. The ceremony starts at point of the 11 pm on Monday 19 and be ready for ignition at midnight. Shaping a circle of peace and unity, welcoming participants, placed man-woman,
Explaining the significance of this date, (you will find literature in Aztlan site), once it is formed, Light up the candels, it is decided who is mayor who will act as a floor coordinator and take the decisions to keep from the beginning to end harmony and achieve the connection from our hearts with all of nature and the universe. We receive all the offerings and ceremonial items that will be worked at the ceremony to be presented to sauhmadoras. The sauhmadoras receive and give directions of the universe. Once you have received gifts received each of the representatives of each organization, and the coordinator of the circle, or second floor, have their place in the circle, the end is sahuma everyone, and start a greeting from the 6 directions.
D. Greet the 4 directions of the universe and 7 directions. If they are more than 8 people in the circle, each one of them, and whether they are more, will be placed in each of the paths to the east, west, north and the south, one for the zenith, and the other for land, but for the word of the uniqueness Central.
There are 3 touches of snail and percussion instruments always turning toward the heart,
And leaving all with the face and heart aligned in each direction, in each and so  Consecutively, using phrases and concepts of each tradition-each region has their own- gives the word for those selected for each course. First the east, then west, then north,  then the south, there we all line up in the center and lifted their hands to heaven to Pleyades zenith, upon completion, this energy we descend to earth, we descend a knee at the end of the sharing,  touching the ground with our head and hands, we joined, and looking back foot  to the Center. It was configured the sacred circle, no one can leave or enter without asking permission to Coordinator of the circle, which comes welcomes and expects the sauhmador it receives and is placed.
E. We hope the time to be ready with all our elements is at 00.00 hrs, from our hearts and taking the fire of sahumador, taking together the four people, the most ancient and younger, the most responsible for the most simple, together light "Huei Huehueteotl" at the time and instantly unify our hearts with our minds and face with the sky, we look for the pleyades that will be beside orion together the milky way, signal that we are aligned with them right through the heart of our great  Stellar mansion, the serpent of light from heaven "Ilhiuca Xiu Coatl" and so we can join with thousands of brothers
At that time we are doing the same sacred movement, a new start cycle light when you turn this New Fire.
F. When you turn, are continuing at each location with dances, songs, gifts and words that express and reinforcing the spirit of Unity and Peace, Brotherhood and linkage with all life on earth, stressing the importance of being united from our hearts and not our fragmenting
reality mirrors our minds, but only consolidated the bright fabric that is life
"Xiuh Petatl", the fabric of light, conscience and energy, "Moyo Koyani", which is regenerated if  "Tloke Nahuake" which is close and together.
G. Closing the ceremony. The fire always guard until the last moment always kept  a sahumador to be offered with directions, making the movement as well as opened,  Touches of snail, tlapnahuehuetl, atecocollis, harmony and instruments.
Once again we are all unified by the sahumador Central gave the floor in the order  from junior to senior, respect, age and hierarchy to thank all those present, share  Food, beverages natural, and wait at dawn where they can touch harmonies to receive the 
Sun released with the first rays in our face.
H. Send your photos and chronic ceremony for a ceremony in memory of this Harmonic Convergence , which for 2008 will be performed in parallel with Enceuntro Calendárico, where will be invited to experts to share their views on the computation of time and if possible, propose An Account Unified for Cómúto Time in

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