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Asunto:[RedLuz] The Three Paths To Enlightenment
Fecha:Martes, 10 de Junio, 2008  20:18:00 (-0500)
Autor:Ricardo Ocampo <lacasadelared>

From: Michael Lightweaver <>
Date: 09-jun-2008 7:36
Subject: The Three Paths To Enlightenment

Global Leadership News - June 2008

Guest Editorial

The Three Paths to Enlightenment
By Rwamatwara Egide
(Republic Of The Congo)

When I joined the International Institute for Global Leadership I was hesitant as I had no idea about the program, let alone the organizers. However as I progressed through the program and read a couple of books my interest grew and I reached a point of no return. All the books I read left me with invaluable new skills and wisdom which has affected my behavior and attitude and definitely improved my social and professional life.  I have just finished one book entitled "the Real Magic" in which one topic captured my attention as it sounded like a narriation of my life story. The topic is about the three paths to enlightenment, which the author refers to as enlightenment through suffering, enlightenment through outcome and enlightenment through purpose.

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IIGL French Speaking Students Meet In Cote D'Ivoire

Student News

IIGL French Division Hosts Get-Acquainted Party

On Sunday May 11, Roger Yomba, the director of the  IIGL French division hosted a get-acquainted party for IIGL students and prospective students at his home in Abdijan, Cote d' Ivore.  The purpose of the gathering was to meet each other, exchange ideas and to have fun.  The twelve attendees brought food, drinks and music to share.  In addition to the social time they were able to see the office of the French division and watch a brief film devoted to teaching tolerance and harmony-in-diversity. The film was followed by a discussion of what each had learned in their IIGL studies and how this applies to their individual realities as young African leaders.  In addition to the good time and exchange of ideas, the group was introduced to the new French division website at

IIGL Student Wins International Speaking Award
At the recent General Assembly meeting of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, International, in Antalya, Turkey, IIGL student, Francis Mwale, from Zimbabwe was one of four individuals internationally to be awared the prestigious JCI public speaking award.  Francis was the top speaker for the region of Africa and the Middle East.  Francis, who is 26 years old, received his Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management with Honors. He is studying for a Master's in Business Administration at the Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom while working as Training and Development Manager for Premier Finance Group, the second largest merchant bank in Zimbabwe.  In additon to his IIGL studies, he has  also completed the Success Motivation International (SMI) Dynamics of Successful Management program. He is co-founded of the Harare Business Club in the capital of Zimbabwe which is dedicated to  create a platform for entrepreneurial growth through business exchange.

In June 2006, Francis attended the JCI Area A Conference as JCI Zimbabwe's chief delegate. At the JCI Zimbabwe National Convention in November 2006, he received an award for Internationalism in recognition for his efforts in that area. In October 2006, his local organization elected Vice President in charge of Development for 2007. At the 2007 African and Middle-Eastern Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mwale won the Area Public Speaking Championship, which led him to represent Africa and the Middle East in the 2007 World Public Speaking Championships in Turkey.

For additional Information:

IIGL Student Heads CyberCrime Fighting Crusade
IIGL Student, Prince Devison Nze, from Nigeria, was recently featured in the Government Technology Magazine for his Work in fighting cyber crime.  The GT Magazine is a publication of  the US based organization, Government Technology: Solutions For State & Local Government in the Information Age ( 

For full article, click here:


Meet Our New Students

We are very pleased to welcome two new students during the month of May; one with the English division from Nigeria and one with the French division from Niger.

Okewole Akinyemi (Nigeria)
I am the  first born out of the family of four male children.  I am a graduate of Agricultural Economics and Extension and I am presently working with Critical Rescue International as a Team Leader in a call centre.  I attended the Daystar Leadership Academy where I obtained a certificate in Basic Leadership.  I find leadership interesting and challenging. One basic things I have learnt about leading is that you must be honest and accept responsibility for whatever you do or is done by those you are leading. In my quest for my business passion in film production, I combined with a friend with the same vision and we registered Cavid Media Limited with the corporate affairs commission with the aim of having a magazine and a film production line, since producing a film will be costly and producing a magazine will equally be costly we decided to start with Corporate Event Coverage.  I have a dream to become the governor of my state and towards that I have dedicated the next three years of my life to learning about leadership, studying politics, have my masters and also learn about my business.

After the three years I will also spend another five years in experimenting on all that I have learnt and raise money to finance my Governorship project because I have discovered that people do not perform in position of authority because they have to dance to the tune of those who put them there. Therefore I want to be independent so that I can achieve my goal of raising my state to a world standard in all aspects. I weep in spirit when I see people suffering in a country like Nigeria where we make billions of dollars on oil and I believe if I can start from my state then the fire of development can burn round the country. I love football and I think I use most of my leisure time on football, I also love traveling and reading motivational books.

Kanni Abdoulaye (Niger)
I hold a Degree in Applied Business computing obtained at the University of Sciences and technology of Blida, Algeria, in 2001 and I am working currently as a manager and computer specialist. I performed my National Civic service at the High Council of  Communications (CSC) which is the communication regulation authority in Niger. And in parallel I have taught free-lance for five (5) years in the Schools and Professional Training institutes of Niamey (GROUP SODESI, IRIMAG/CFM) in Genius Data-Processing; precisely the MERISE method, Data Base Management Systems (DBMS), Microsoft Access, MS Excel, Word, Windows, PowerPoint and Navigation to the students in BTS and professional License. I am also an activist with the civil society in Niger. I am Secretary to Foreign relations of the Independent Committee of Reflection and Orientation for the Safeguard of the Democratic Assets (CRUSADE), one of the greatest Defense and of promotion of human rights associations in Niger. All the information which is in relation to; as well as books which deal with justice, life, and culture is of great interest to me. My favorite films are those of investigation, and debates. I am the elder son of a family of 7 children including 5 boys and 2 girls. I listen much and speak little but I attempt to be very relevant when I speak.


What Students Are Saying

Evans I Malenge (Kenya)
With the ideas I gained from from this book (Real Magic), I was inspired to start a group in the church to address the needs of women specifically. In this group, we have women come together and air out their life challenges and how they have handled them. The main aim of this group is to help those women who are suffering from emotional problems and other kinds of issues to find solutions and get the encouragement they need in their lives. Besides the womens group, I also initiated a youth group which meets every Sunday evening. The aim of this group is to help the youth have forum where they can meet together and develop their talents by engaging them in activities that promote their gifts and talents. Also we help them see the importance of living a disciplined life among many other things.


What Students Are Reading

Change The World: 
How Ordinary People Can Achieve Extraordinary Results

By Robert Quinn

This book offers profound yet practical guidance for those who truly want to improve their surroundings. Quinn bases the book on eight "seed thoughts" drawn from the philosophies of Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. After relevant quotations from each, he cites contemporary real-life examples to show how these principles can really be used. "All our lives we have been explicitly and implicitly taught to see human influence as an exercise in domination," Quinn writes. By learning instead to practice a new type of "transformational behavior," he suggests, even "ordinary people" can have "extraordinary impact." This book is recommended for anyone open to new ideas on motivation and stimulating change, or those he refers to as "inner-directed and outer-focused." We are all potential change agents, but most of us are trapped by belief that we as individuals cannot make a difference. Following his advice, each of us can access and apply the power that lies within us in ways that will change our world for the better.

(This is one of more than 400 books our students have to choose from in their studies for Level Four Through Six).


What Donors Are Saying

Wanda Gail Campbell  (USA/AL)
Peace Minister, Ph.D.

I support IIGL because it is important to me to give back in like fashion from what I have been blessed to receive. I well remember the days when college felt like an unrealistic dream. Thanks to the countless ways, over a lifetime, that I have been supported emotionally, financially and spiritually I recently attained a Ph.D. at the age of sixty-one. It is truly my honor to serve the highest purpose of humanity by offering similar support to others. I am abundantly blessed as I serve others.


You Make It Possible

A Special Thanks

We extend a special thanks to the following 25 individuals and/or organizations which contributed to IIGL during May. Their ongoing support makes this work possible.

Deb Silver (Israel)
Lale Eterm (Turkey)
Afere Lawrence (Nigeria)
Wanda Gail Campbell (USA/AL)
Lynne Murguia (USA/AZ)
Rommy Banaszczyk (USA/AZ)
Naomi Stauber (USA/CA)
Corine Wilson (USA/FL)
Hope Gorman (USA/MN)
Margie Tice (USA/NC)
Michael Lightweaver  (USA/NC)
Janis Thayer (USA/NC)
Lily Ann (USA/NC)
Janae & Barry Weinhold (USA/NC)
Judith Royer (USA/SD)
Julie Loosbrock (USA/WI)
Deb Rosen (USA/WI)   
Kehinde Omotayo     (NIGERIA/UK)       
Julian Murphy  (UK)           
Jesse Syverson (USA/WA)
Rashmi Singh (Philippines)
Robert Kaplan (USA/NC)
Deborah Shelton (USA/NC)
Sean Guy (USA/NC)
Anderson Hewitt (USA/GA)
Adams Unaji (USA/TX)


Make A Difference In The World!

You can make a lasting difference now my investing in the future of young heart-centered leaders throughout the world who will soon be making critical decisions that will determine the future of humanity and the planet. How? By becoming an active partner in this work with your financial contribution. We are supported by people like you: individuals who believe that it's more important to light a candle, however small, than to curse the darkness. We welcome contributions in any amount, however small, because this isn't just about money. It's also about energy and connection.

Checks on US banks, payable to the International Institute For Global Leadership, can be mailed to PO Box 18909, Asheville, NC. 28814, USA. Contributions may also be made by credit card by clicking the link below. Contributions are tax deductible under the 501 (c) 3 tax code of the United States Internal Revenue Service.

To contribute by credit card, click here.

Our Mission

The International Institute For Global Leadership is a tuition-free, internet based education program which provides a curriculum in consciousness designed to prepare students to become personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world. The study program is open to participants of any age and from anywhere in the world.

Student Progress

We had 21 students from 13 countries complete a total of 25 books in May. These students were from Burkina Faso, Burundi, Congo, Cote d' Ivore, Ethiopia, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Peru, Senegal, South Africa, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Click here for details

Statistical Update

New Enrollments
3 Enrolled in May
30 Erolled in 2008

Book Assessments
23 in May
163 in 2008

Books Shipped
72 in May
339 to date

Cost of books
$1,062.22 in May
$5.671.76 in 2008

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