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Asunto:[RedLuz] Agrorama de Silbury / Mayo 31, 2010
Fecha:Domingo, 6 de Junio, 2010  10:35:45 (-0500)
Autor:Red de Consciencia <lacasadelared>


Today is Tuesday, 1 June 2010 and I am here to take our first message in relation to this year's crop circles. One of the crop circle makers came forth and spoke to us a few days ago and said that they wanted us to bring forth messages in regard to the crop circles this season and so this is the first opportunity that we’ve really had to do this. And this message relates to the pattern which was reported on the 31st of May, which is yesterday at Silbury hill, and this pattern is an essentially circular pattern with a, I guess you would say a sixfold symmetry to the pattern. In some ways, relative to some of the very complex patterns, it is relatively simple but also nonetheless carries a beauty all its own. So let us see what our friend has to say about this pattern and what was intended by it; and he is here and he is saying; 

Silbury Hill crop circle 


This pattern was brought forth to prompt the recollection of the pattern of life. This sixfold symmetry shows up in many ways in life that you don't necessarily observe and yet it is there. And this pattern was not meant for your conscious mind and so in looking at it, whilst it has that simple sixfold symmetry, it has a resonance in the subconscious and that is its purpose. Many will perhaps look at this pattern relative to some of the more complex ones and perhaps wonder why we would bother, but this reflection is arising in the, you could say conscious left brain and that is trying to rationalise what has come forth. But this pattern is resonating in the subconscious, as indeed all of the patterns that we send forth do, but many of the other patterns have other significance 

And so this simplicity in and of itself helps the resonance with the subconscious. It is easy, you could say to accept. It has a comfort, a joy, a simplicity that resonates and, in of itself it is an element to encourage and assist with the awakening of humanity in this time. So much is changing upon your planet as you approach the end of 2012 and our patterns are very much directed towards awakening humanity and guiding humanity through these remaining few short years. So this pattern that you are referring to plays a role in this and a much more powerful role than you might perhaps expect. And so that is the story to this particular pattern.

And so we asked what is the relevance of this sixfold symmetry that was spoken of in this message and our crop circle friend is saying;  

The sixfold symmetry plays a key role in how creation unfolds. There is the example of the two-dimensional expression of the merkabah, known in your world as the Star of David. That is an example of this sixfold symmetry and though it may not be immediately obvious, the merkabah carries that sixfold symmetry in the three-dimensional form and so it is a powerful building block, you could say for how creation is expressed; and on a subconscious level, humanity is aware of this symmetry and so this image was connecting with that knowledge. It was reawakening that knowledge because that symmetry has an important role to play in the unfolding of Ascension and so that is why this image with this symmetry was sent forth, albeit in its simplicity and yet in its great power in communicating with the subconscious. And so it is.

We then asked him to explain the merkabah;

The merkabah is a tool which allows an expression of consciousness you could say, such as a soul or indeed an entire physical human being to move from one dimension to another. It is also a shape which plays an important role in the bringing forth of the physical. It is not visible, by and large but this intersection of two triangular pyramids which make up the merkabah actually sit, in a sense inside all spherical shapes, and this has been recognised by some of your scientists. They have noticed how the location, for example of sunspots tends to be at a particular latitude on the Sun, and other disturbances on planets tend to occur at these same latitudes; and this is related to the expression of that merkabah within the planet. So it is an important sacred geometric building block for the expression of the physical form.

Carolyn - Our beautiful space being has mentioned that the merkabah is perhaps required, needed to move from one dimension to another and that it plays a role in Ascension, and that is what I surmised from the information that we were given. And that was what I was asking to elaborate a little bit on; that number one the merkabah seems to be necessary for Ascension, so we would like to have that point of view and anything else that you can discuss about the need for understanding the merkabah and using it to ascend, I would appreciate it.

When beings have ascended in the past from your planet, they have all utilised in an active sense the merkabah, and it will play an active role for all of humanity that ascend when the time comes for that event in early 2013. However in this case, it is not something that every individual who is ascending will need to be taught how to use, or indeed for every human being to understand that it is in operation because it will be triggered, you could say on their behalf once they have done the preparatory work. And so even though it will be an active aspect of that transition from your current dimension to the dimension of the New Earth you could say, the angelic dimension to which humanity is ascending, it will not require every individual who is this ascending to master the use of the merkabah. It will be as I said, activated on their behalf at the time and they will simply become aware that they have ascended.

 You can listen to the recording of this at . If the link does not work for you, copy it into your browser.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace. Richard Presser ,,  

Cosmic Connections (International) Ltd
Room 1006, 10/F., 113-115 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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