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Asunto:[RedLuz] Fwd: Autoría y negocios varios, con oportunidades m onetarias, desde autores reconocidos mundialmente...
Fecha:Martes, 8 de Junio, 2010  21:04:05 (-0500)
Autor:Rocío Incera <rocioincera>

Hola queridos miembros de redes!
Con gusto, comparto el mensaje de Bob Evans -Ley de la Atracción- sobre el esfuerzo que hacen él y otros hermanos, en relación a la creación de materiales y de negocios, con apoyo de instituciones varias, para apoyar a los mensajeros de esta Nueva Era.
Ojalá les sea útil la información y que alguno pueda entrar. Ellos basan mucho sus decisiones no sólo en la calidad del material, sino en la cantidad de seguidores que tuviese dicha propuesta. Y considero que algunos de ustedes ya tienen un cuerpo de seguidores bien establecido. Y, del material... ¡Ni hablar! Si de estos lados es de donde habrá de salir la Luz para el Mundo.
Un abrazo fraternal y alguien seguramente se anima...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Next Top Spiritual Author <>
Date: 2010/6/8
Subject: Making a Difference 2.0
To: Rocio <>

Some Very Exciting News For You...

Hi Top Authors,

My friend and mentor Neale Donald Walsch once talked about each person having the chance to be the "First Domino" of change through the work they do in the world. This competition has clearly shown me how many of you have become the first domino.

The success of this competition so far for me is not based on how many people advance or who ends up being the winner in the end, or how many people like how we run the competition. For me it is based on how we collectively reach the world with our messages of inspiration, change, peace, love and hope.  I have kicked backed and watched authors share their message for the first time and being empowered by it.  I have witnessed relationships being formed over the internet between messengers in all parts of the world.

I have seen the competition spirit come forth in positive and some times not so positive ways BUT still with the intention and drive to get our message across to people.  It's hard to deny that kind of passion. WE reached 82,000 people in 5 weeks in over 136 different countries. WE catapulted the traffic of the website from a 3.4 million ranking down to 39,000 in the world in traffic! There is no denying what has been accomplished - and we still have almost 5 months to go!

For me I have been empowered beyond words and feelings.  I've been inspired and driven to create more ways for this kind of energy to gather. I have risen to the challenge and I have fallen off the path a few times.  It's been a perfect dance of "everything" in this competition.

Today I'm excited and honor to announce to you a new opportunity that has been created from this energy; a new gathering of "next level" messengers. About a month and a half ago I sat with my friend Spryte Loriano, President and Co-Founder of HUB, and we marveled over the success of the Top Author competition. We brainstormed on how we could harness the energy of it and offer a new kind of competition that inspired a new type of messenger.

From that conversation we created a new competition for those of you that desire to take your message to a whole new level, to the realm of a full blown business that is focused on impacting the world. We call these types of messengers Social Entrepreneurs and their business or ideas Social Enterprises.

Spryte is a perfect example of being a Social Entrepreneur. Four years ago we worked together on her project, Feed333, to raise enough money in 33 days to feed 1.2 million families. HUB, which is Humanity Unites Brilliance, is doing this kind of work all over the world.

Today, Spryte, myself, HUB and The Messenger Network have combined our efforts, our resources, and our contacts to create the next grandest vision of positive social competition and education.

This new competition takes on a whole new level of creating change in the world by bringing together a facility of Social Entrepreneurs to teach you how to be successful with your social enterprise. We improved every aspect of the competition - the technology, the education, the focus and intent, the value received - and are now ready to invite you to join us on this amazing new journey.

I could go on forever explaining the unique elements of this competition... but I won't in this email.  I'll let the website do the talking.  If you have enjoyed or received value from The Next Top Author competition, then I strongly suggest you check out the Best Brilliant Ideas for Humanity.

Here is the link to the site and you're the first ones to be visiting it, so enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

With my deepest appreciation for the change you have inspired,

Robert Evans

The Messenger Network, 2305C Ashland St, Ashland, Oregon 97520, USA

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