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Asunto:[RedLuz] DNA Experiment ~~ Gregg Braden
Fecha:Viernes, 16 de Marzo, 2012  00:01:14 (-0600)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

Gregg Braden – The Divine Matrix, Quantum Reality and The Ancients

Part 1: Introduction, DNA Experiment, Early Years & Bible History

by Patty Laferriere


For the past twenty years, Gregg Braden has spent a good part of his life in some of the most remote places on the planet—at monasteries in India, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, and Tibet, exploring the similarities of quantum mechanics and ancient spiritual traditions.

A New York Times best selling author, Braden is widely known as a pioneer who bridges the worlds of science and spirituality. To date, he has authored over fourteen books, produced three DVD's and conducted numbers of lectures, workshops and seminars around the world........


As a child, Braden had an affinity for nature. He also studied ancient civilizations, especially those of Egypt and China. He was intrigued by Earth's geologic history from his study of dinosaurs. He became a geologist who noticed evidence in the Earth's crust that corroborated the cataclysmic events he read about in ancient texts.

The geologic record indicates that the magnetic fields of Earth have shifted at least 14 times in the last 4.5 million years. Other evidence is of a 180 degree polar shift that occurred about 13,200 years ago. There was a sudden melting of the polar caps and tremendous flooding on the planet. It was the evidence of these geologic events turned Braden to the study of ancient texts to discover whether records and explanations or interpretations of these events survive in countries throughout the world.

Braden's study included ancient scriptures, some of which are in India and Tibet and which have only become available recently. He has studied the philosophical teachings and sacred sites of indigenous peoples in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and Tibet.


Gregg Braden tells of an experiment that hints at the nature of reality. In this experiment, human DNA was placed in 28 vials. One vial was given to each of 28 researchers. Each researcher had been trained in how to generate and experience deep feelings and each had strong emotions.

The experiment revealed that the DNA changed according to the feelings of the researchers. When the researchers experienced gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by relaxing. The strands unwound and the length of the DNA increased.

When the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by constricting. It shortened and many of its codes were switched off! If you've ever felt shut down emotionally by negative emotions, now you know why your body was equally shut down. When the researchers felt love, joy and appreciation, the constriction was reversed and the codes were switched back on.

This experiment was later followed up by testing HIV-positive patients. In these patients, feelings of love and gratitude generated 300,000 times the immune response than without those feelings. Apparently, one’s emotional state weighs in mightily when it comes to resistance.

For Braden, the experiential world of feelings is very important; he knows himself and his world through feelings. His path, however, has also led him into the hard sciences and the corporate world, which denies inner experience. Ultimately, to survive, he had to find a way to reconcile his inner world with the outer world.


Braden learned that in 325 AD, the Emperor Constantine was behind the Council of Nicaea to take all of the existing biblical materials and put them together into one text. There was no “bible,” at that time, but simply a collection of papyrus reed texts, scrolls, sheep skin documents, and tablets. Twenty-five books and an additional 20 supporting reference documents were removed from this collection; the Council condensed and reorganized what remained.

The documents that became the original Bible were poorly translated and rearranged in the 12th century. So “the Bible” is essentially a Readers Digest, condensed version of a much broader text. Braden doesn’t claim that there’s anything wrong with the Bible, but he asserts that it is incomplete at best. You can put the Bible side by side with these ancient texts and see exact wording and whole sections missing.

Among the missing or recently discovered texts are the Dead Sea Scrolls; the Essene Gospels of Peace: Books One through Four; Gnostic texts such as the lost gospel of the book Q; the Ethiopian manuscript of the Book of Enoch; and recent translations directly from the Aramaic of Nazarene texts that had been missing for centuries.

Four key principles emerge from these documents, the first two being:

  • Among all of the people on Earth, there is only a single consciousness expressing through many bodies.
  • This single consciousness is moving very rapidly toward a convergence of Human and Earth history that the ancients call "the Shift of the Ages."
  • We have today, and have always had, direct access to the creative forces of our bodies and our outer world, through a nearly lost technology called prayer.
  • That we draw to us what is within our consciousness hints at the tremendous power, and the profound effect we have on each other and the world.

For more visit Miracles and Inspiration website.



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