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Asunto:[RedLuz] Urantia Foundation's Spring Newsletter
Fecha:Lunes, 19 de Marzo, 2012  16:52:06 (-0600)
Autor:REDLUZ <lacasadelared>

From: Urantia Foundation <>
Date: 2012/3/19
Subject: Urantia Foundation's Spring Newsletter

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Urantia Foundation Header

Urantia Foundation's News Online

 Volume 6, Issue 1. March 2012

Dear Friends,

Don_Paulson_960803FlwrArrangement_125.jpgPlease enjoy Urantia Foundation's December edition of the News Online. We are pleased to inform you of the doings of the Foundation and to provide you with other interesting articles from readers of The Urantia Book. We hope you will join us in our mission to seed The Urantia Book and its teachings throughout the world.


Below are introductions to each article with links to the full article on our website. You may also download the entire newsletter as a pdf by clicking here.


Your opinions are important, so please send your thoughts to



Marilynn Kulieke, Tamara Strumfeld, and Richard Keeler  

(The editors)


Our Journey to South America
Noteworthy Goals and Decisions
Teacher-Facilitators Needed for the Urantia Book Internet School
Around the World with The Urantia Book
Comments from Readers
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~ Our Journey to South America ~

~ By Mo Siegel ~

President, Urantia Foundation,

Boulder, Colorado, USA


Susana_Huttner_Palaia_Mo_Siegel_Ligia_Zottini_125.jpg One hundred and eighty thousand copies of the Spanish translation of The Urantia Book have sold since its first publication in 1993. The Portuguese translation was published in 2008, and more than eight thousand copies have sold in Brazil. With this in mind, on January 26, 2012, my wife, Jennifer, and I sallied forth...


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 ~ Noteworthy Decisions ~
from the
March 2012
Board of Trustees Meeting 


~ By Marilynn Kulieke ~

Secretary, Urantia Foundation,

Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA


Marilynn_headshot_125.jpgTotal book sales and downloads were up for the year by 13%.

Book sales were even with 2010, which seemed like an accomplishment considering the decline of the North American bookstore industry. 16,000 books in 2011 were sold and 29,808 electronic books were downloaded from It is estimated that...


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~ Teacher-Facilitators Needed ~
for the Urantia Book Internet School

~ By Betty Zehr ~

Co-chair of the Faculty Development Committee for UBIS,

Waverly, New York, USA


Betty_Zehr_125.jpgThe first trimester of the Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS) in 2012 is just beyond the half way mark.

Seven courses are in session; topics range from the "Wisdom of the Melchizedeks" to "Time and Space." The teaching method is...


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~ Around the World ~

with The Urantia Book


~ By Irmeli Sjölie ~


Irmeli_Sjolie_Livraria_Cultura_125.jpgEditor's note: Former Associate Trustee, Irmeli Sjölie, continues to jet set the world engaging in Urantia Book activities. Following are some pictures of events and bookstores selling The Urantia Book...Read More 


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~ Reader Comments ~


How to be a Child of God

~ By Alice Wood ~


Alice_Wood_and_Huck_125.jpgHumans have an innate "love of adventure, curiosity, and dread of monotony." (159.6) 14:5.10 Before having my son, Huck, I looked at my own life - the habits I had developed, routines I had fallen into - and I wanted to do something new. Ironically, embarking on a parental adventure led me into...Read More 



A Moment in Time

~ By Bernard Gabriel Belarski ~


Bernard_Gabriel_Belarski_and_Rose_125.jpgLooking back over the many years of reading and studying my beloved Urantia Book, it seems to me that the revelation has certain components that are more relevant during different stages of mind development. During different times in my life, certain teachings have... Read More 


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