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Asunto:[SALUD_AMBIENTAL] RV: Special Event/Webinar on Health & Climate Change on 30 Jan 2020 at 3.00-5.00 pm at the International Environment House II, Geneva
Fecha:Jueves, 23 de Enero, 2020  12:58:30 (-0300)
Autor:MAIERO, Marina <maierom>




Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the World Health Organization and the International Institute for Sustainable Development, we would like to invite to a “Special Event on Health & Climate Change” on  30 January 2020 at 3.00-5.00 pm at the International Environment House II, Geneva.


The aim of this special event is twofold.


1)      It will serve as the launch of a new IISD report highlighting the “Health co-benefits from NDC implementation in China”.


Over the past few years, China has shown a strong determination to shift to a low-carbon economy through a series of initiatives and commitments. The report summarizes the policy efforts that the country is undertaking to meet its Nationally Determined Contribution targets and the related expected health co-benefits. It also compares public budget allocations to health, climate change-related measures and subsidies to fossil fuels.


2)      It will announce the “2020 Global Conference on Health and Climate Change” to take place in Glasgow at the margin of COP26


This Global meeting will be a gathering organized by the World Health Organization (convening this year its Fourth Global Conference on Health and Climate) and by the Global Climate and Health Alliance (convening this year its eighth Global Climate and Health Summit), in close collaboration with the Glasgow Caledonian University and its Centre for Climate Justice, and with the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change.

The expected outcome of the Conference will be a compilation of Healthy NDCs - compatible with achieving Paris Agreement targets and incorporating health considerations throughout – that will be presented at the COP26 as champion initiatives/plans to cut emissions, clean our air, save lives, motivate more climate actions and promote climate justice. The modelling of healthy NDCs, and the health co-benefits they bring, will help to drive ambitious, health- and justice-focused climate action.


Please register here to participate in person:


If you not able to join at the IHE, please register to here for the remote connection:


A full agenda of the meeting will be send to all registered participants in due time.


Looking forward to meeting you,

Kind regards,


IISD and WHO teams



More info at: