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Asunto:RE: Re[2]: [STARS] hello stars list
Fecha:Miercoles, 18 de Julio, 2001  22:49:55 (+0200)
Autor:BNLGNL <bnlgnl>

    Aupa el castellano y el esperanto, abajo el gringo

----- Original Message -----
From: Jhonny M'entero <S1tace@...>
To: <stars@...>
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 9:23 PM
Subject: Re: Re[2]: [STARS] hello stars list

Ufff... me alegra leer q escribes mejor en castellano... el ingles me da
dolor de cabeza y lo utilizo lo minimo posble XXDD


On Tue, 17 Jul 2001 14:14:01 +0200, stars@... wrote:

>  I'm Jano, this is my nickname.
>  I think the best option to find new games in english is to subscribe
>  to the Mr. Stars! list. It's in yahoo, and I include at the end of
>  this message the kind of information you can obtain there.
>  In two or three days you'll find a game that suits your needs.
>  I have no problem to play in english (whereas prefer spanish, because
>  my english is limited and can't express myself as clear as I want) but
>  right now I'm in two games and don't plan to join another.
>  Best regards,
>  Álex (aka Jano).
>  >> Hello, I'm an italian stars player, i subscribed to ths list as
>  >> someone ( called Jano :) suggested to me on the
>  >> newsgroup. I was looking for a new game.
>  >> I admit total (well almost total) ignorance of the spanish
>  >> language, is that a problem ? If you feel you can cope with my
>  >> english I would be happy to play stars with you, but I have never
>  >> played against human players, so i'm probably not very good :)
>  _____________________
>  Sample of message from mr stars!:
>  Greetings all
>  Yet more games to feast your eyes on.  :)
>  read on.
>  **************************************
>  Charles Husby
>  chusby@...
>  Life in the Stars!
>  REGISTERED Version - 2.7
>  J Patch will be used.
>  See below to see how often the turns will go out.
>  See below to see how turns are sent.
>  8 player game.
>  Intermediate player level.
>  Medium Universe.
>  Dense Density.
>  Distant Player positions.
>  Accelerated bbs play.
>  Galaxy clumping.
>  Must get 0% of all planets.
>  ************************************
>  Host: Joe Hayes olorin@...
>  Alien Encyclopedia
>  REGISTERED Version - 2.7
>  J Patch will be used.
>  15 player game.
>  Intermediate / Advanced / Expert player level.
>  Large Universe.
>  Dense Density.
>  Distant Player positions.
>  Public player scores.
>  There can be a winner by a player vote. See below.
>  Must get 0% of all planets.
>  Victory by consensus of the players
>  Single player or alliance of two can win
>  No alliance of three or more can win
>  Other options and rules.
>  Galaxy is stretched into a 3000x3000 ly galaxy thereby spreading
>  everything out
>  Year (somewhere between 5000 and 8000)
>  Turns will be generated: On Autohost, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
>  12.00 GMT after initial gen and submission of first turn.
>  Host is playing
>  All PRTs are welcome
>  Each player starts with 100K pop on their HW with no facilities except
>  a planetary scanner.  PP and IT lose their second planet.
>  On each HW is a whole bunch of minerals (about 4 million of each
>  type). Each player starts with tech level 9 in all fields and none of
>  their original ships.
>  Each player will start with one fleet of 5000 Alien Encyclopedia
>  nubians which would contain the following alien (MT) components:
>  3x Enigma Pulsar
>  1x Mega Poly Shell
>  1x Langston Shell
>  1x Multi Contained Munition
>  1x Multi Function Pod
>  1x Jump Gate
>  1x Anti Matter Torpedo
>  plus normal equipment of
>  1x AMP (for weap 26 tech)
>  1x Complete Phase Shield (for energy 22 tech)
>  1x Battle Nexi  (for elec 19 tech)
>  Adding these three increases the tech of the nubians to
>  22/26/20/26/19/21 - 134 total tech levels
>  The nubians are required to remain at the player's HW and be scrapped.
>  Moving the Alien Encyclopedia nubians is grounds for removal from the
>  game.  Each turn 25 nubians should be split off from the 5000 nubians.
>  That fleet of 25 nubians should then be given scrap fleet orders and
>  that 25 ship fleet should be separated into 25 one ship fleets.  This
>  will maximize the chance of gaining a tech level or an mt toy. The
>  intention is to maximize the chance that a tech level or an MT part
>  will be learned each turn.  (If anyone has information that suggests
>  a better approach for this, please email me).  Learning a tech level
>  is almost certain.  Starting with 54 tech levels will mean that the
>  nubians will generate 80 additional tech levels over 80 turns (81 or
>  82 for someone that gets real unlucky).  The remaining 120 turns of
>  scrapping should generate more than enough chances to get at least
>  most of the MT toys (no guarantees though).
>  The nubians include all of the MT gear except for the following items:
>  -Alien Miner (needs to be on a mining hull)
>  -Hush-a-boom (needs to be on a bomber hull)
>  -Multi Cargo Pod (not that important ... also, an IS could make
>  interesting use of the cargo space on all of the nubians ... thus I
>  excluded it)
>  -Mini Morph (it's own hull plus the same IS concern as the MCP above)
>  -Genesis device (a planetary device ... no way to tech transfer it)
>  Three of these are excluded because they would require that the
>  starting tech transfer fleet include 4 ship designs and tie up those
>  design slots until the ships are all scrapped for tech.
>  MTs could certainly still be intercepted during the course of the game
>  to speed up the tech learning process or try to get the other toys.
>  How is this universe created ?????   Well  ...
>  Player #16 is an AR that will get all of the tech, build the nubians
>  and give them to the players. The AR will then continue to mine it's
>  HW on autopilot and will have a LARGE fleet defending it. Player 16's
>  HW could be attacked for the minerals if anyone is gutsy enough.
>  As for the guts of setting up the game, The AR race will get max tech
>  and search out the MTs for toys. Simultaneously with that, it will
>  give each race a large freighter to hold the 100K pop so that they can
>  be evac'd. The AR will then attack all 16 HWs, occupy them, and send
>  mining fleets to  mine out the HWs to get the 4MM minerals of each
>  type.
>  Once the minerals are mined and the AR has max tech and all the toys
>  are obtained, the AR will build a fleet of 5000 nubians for each race
>  and give them to each race at it's HW. The races will then each be
>  ordered to attack and destroy the AR base and then occupy the HWs with
>  their 100K pop.
>  The setup will be done by the host, the names of the hw's and a
>  description of each race will be published to all (thus the host has
>  no extra info).
>  If interested please send your NON-password-protected racefile.
>  Game starts as soon as 15 players have submitted their race-files and
>  the setup phase is completed.
>  After the pregeneration, players will submit one turn to host where
>  they add passwords.  After that gen, the game will be moved to
>  autohost.
>  Please email me at olorin@... if you are interested.
>  Joe Hayes
>  **********************************
>  I want to play a two on two against another beginner/intermediate team
>  of two. The game will be played on Autohost with 48 hour gnerations.
>  There will be a force generation before the game starts of forty years
>  to get our techs up, and the universe size will either be tiny or
>  small.    Email jdredla@... if interested.
>  ***********************************
>  Enjoy
>  Yours
>  Mr Stars
>  This list is for the showing of new games starting and also
>  replacement players needed.
>  No matter what you read else where, nobody else is able to write to
>  this list in any way
>  but me. Please enjoy your stay.
>  Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to
>  ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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>  La página de STARS en castellano (Edu.)
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>  Para darte de baja de la lista:
>  stars-baja@...
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Para obtener ayuda, visita
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La página de STARS en castellano (Edu.)
sugerencias para los moderadores stars-admin@...
Para darte de baja de la lista:
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Crea y administra tus propias listas de correo gratuitas, en español.