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Asunto:[vigilantes] US STOCK MARKET - MBTT Technology---MERRILL LYNCH On Sector.....elden
Fecha:Lunes, 29 de Diciembre, 2003  06:42:54 (-0300)
Autor:Stacy Overton <lxucnl4>

US Stock Market - Stock Profile of the Week 
Symbol: MBTT 
Market: OTC.BB 
Before we begin our profile we have very exciting, breaking news... 
Renowned Satellite Industry Expert Dr. Arthur R. Tilford Joins MB Tech 
BREAKING NEWS - (PRIMEZONE) - MB Tech, Inc. (OTC.BB: MBTT) announces that Dr.
Arthur R. Tilford, formerly with Hughes Electronics (NYSE: GMH), has been
retained by the Company to provide technical consulting and advisory services. 
Tilford is an aerospace industry veteran responsible for a total of 11 patents
and patent applications within the field, having received Hughes' Chairman's
Award for DirecDuo, solo engineering efforts in 1997. He is an expert system
designer and Federal Licensing and Certifying Engineer. He has authored several
books, including Satellite Fieldbook Quarterly(c) -- Hughes S&C, CA, the contents of which describe all parameters of every C/Ku band geo-satellite in the world and the over 400 page Satellite Workbook(c) for use in satellite engineering classes, taught by him, at the California State University (CSUF at CSULB). 
Tilford worked with Netune Communications, where he was responsible for
providing transponder allocations, domestic and international link-budget
calculations for narrow to very-wide-band satellite system and writing,
calculating and applying for FCC and RA transmit licenses. 
He also assigned parameters for RF sub-system design and is an expert in
radiation hazard compliance. 
Hanwook Bae, President of MB Tech, commented, ``The importance of Dr. Tilford
joining the Company cannot be underestimated. He is an industry leader with
numerous patents relating to antenna design and an immense knowledge of the
satellite Internet market. His incredible technical knowledge will allow us to
dramatically step up our new initiatives, catapulting us to the forefront of our
industry.'' He added, ``This is yet another positive step forward in the overall
paradigm shift for the Company. We have moved from being a manufacturer of
satellite components, to a Company that will lead the consumer satellite
electronics industry.'' 
MB Tech is a global manufacturer and distributor of satellite components. The
primary product MB Tech produces is "LNB" (Low-Noise Blockdown) converters, which
are the essential element enabling DBS satellites to receive and convert
satellite transmission signals. MB Tech currently serves the satellite television
market, and is expanding to serve the satellite radio and military hardware
sectors. MB Tech manufactures several proprietary LNB solutions that
differentiate it from competitors. MB Tech's product line includes a dual-horn
LNB which allows multiple set-top boxes to be connected to a single satellite
dish, enabling viewing of multiple channels simultaneously on different
television monitors, and a tri-horn LNB, which provides the ability to download
signals from multiple satellites over a single dish. 
MB Tech has improved on conventional designs and can manufacture units more
efficiently and less expensively than the competition. MB Tech specializes in LNB
electronics, it is the ONLY thing we do. 
An LNB converter transforms the satellite transmission into a useable signal. MB
Tech has developed a special new breed of LNB converter which allows the signal
to feed separate televisions or other 'boxes' with different channels. The signal
coming in from one dish can be distributed through MB Tech's 'dual and triple
horned' LNB converter such that multiple channels can be viewed, or different
channels and Internet access can be delivered.. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! 
Other technological objectives have been to develop LNB for G.P.S. equipment,
and small type two horn technology as well as UBC DSS type LNB. These objectives
have been achieved and the Company is currently speaking with larger American
based technology companies about the technology.  
MB Tech products are innovative! We rely on superior technology to be an
integral part of our business. We have made a serious committment to ongoing R&D to stay ahead of the curve. 
MB Tech, Inc traces its roots back to 2000 with the development of 3 types of
LNB (DSS type). Continuous reinvention and rapid transformation are themes
throughout our history. Led by our top-notch technology, our company offered a
new breed of satellite broadcasting solutions to clients?solutions that
customized LNB with 3 or 4 horns. 
Click here to see our product milestones. 
Within the next two years, MB Tech will spend over 80 million dollars on
continuing Research and development of our products. We will continue a process
of product renewal that will assure products with features and functionality that
will be attractive to the market. 
Merrill Lynch surveyed newspapers, TV stations and radio stations to try to
understand the divergent trends between local and national advertising in the
current recovery. They noted that U.S. ad expenditures tend to keep pace with or
slightly outperform the economy over time. As such, the rise of media outlets
should not necessarily lead to higher ad spending but most likely to market share
shifts among the mediums. The surveys showed that local cable is becoming a more
competitive force, but overall, they found no major structural issues impacting
the dynamics between local and national ad spending. 
Merrill noted that national advertisers typically base their budgets on
projected economic trends and therefore can afford to spend a bit ahead of a turn
in the cycle. However, local advertisers, with more limited resources, are more
likely to lag in spending coming out of a recovery as they need to see an
immediate return on investment. They pointed out that a better economy should
eliminate the differences. 
The firm believes there are many positive themes occurring with newspapers today
(e.g. collaborative selling efforts, product innovation, renewed focus on
readership) that are being masked by the downturn in department store spending,
which appears to be secular, and the cyclical issue of help wanted, which is
finally turning positive. 
From a consumer perspective, they believe radio is a relatively protected
medium. However, the industry remains beset with excess inventory, following
unsustainable demand in the late 1990's. A reduction in spots and/or lower prices
could limit near term growth, yet support long term growth, giving investors
something to chase. 
TV is about to enter the growth phase of its two year cycle, but its low growth,
single revenue stream is likely the main target for local cable TV and should
also be impacted by increased DVR penetration, which gives the firm little to get
excited about.  
Oct. 2003 
 Receives 6.14 Million Dollar Purchase Order For 45,000 Flat Antennas 
Sept. 2003 
 Purchases Patent for Key Operating Mechanism of DBS Flat Antenna 
Sept. 2003 
 Completes Development of Flat Antenna 
May. 2002 
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 450,000) 
Feb. 2002 
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 675,000) 
Dec. 2001 
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 75,000) 
Sept. 2001 
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 1,200,000)  
July 2001 
 Patent application for LNB design and pattern 
May 2001 
 Purchase order of Canadian BS (two horn LNB) 
April 2001 
 Establishment of MB Tech, Inc. 
Jan. 2001 
 Canada DBS two horn LNB successful field test 
Sept. 2000 
 SBCA (Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association) Membership Certificate 
Aug. 2000 
 Development of 3 types of LNB (CAN TYPE); application of patent of new device
and patent of new design (app# 00-22512,22513, 22514) 
July 2000 
 SBCA (USA); DBS field test in S. Africa; DBS field test in Australia 
May 2000 
 DBS field test in Thailand; Media Cast (London); DBS field test in Russia 
April 2000 
 Application for patent of new device and patent of new design, patent app#
March 2000 
 Development of 3 types of LNB (DSS type) 
Please note that MBTT had absolutley nothing to do with this report and is not a
participant in any way. 
No more advertisements: 
Stock Market Today is an independent research firm. This report is based on
Stock Market Today's independent analysis but also relies on information supplied
by sources believed to be reliable. This report may not be the opinion of MBTT
management. Stock Market Today has also been retained to research and issue
reports on MBTT. Stock Market Today may from time to time purchase or sell MBTT
common shares in the open market without notice. The information contained in
this report shall not constitute, an offer to sell or solicitation of any offer
to purchase any security. It is intended for information only. Some statements
may contain so-called "forward-looking statements". Many factors could cause
actual results to differ. Investors should consult with their Investment Advisor
concerning MBTT. Copyright 2003 © Stock Market Today Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
This newsletter was distributed by SCI. SCI was paid two hundred twenty thousand
shares MBTT stock to distribute this report. SCI is not affiiated with Stock
Market Today and is not responsible for newsletter content.  jhsqlkjpiwfgyi 
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